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About The MalingTree

Spamtato used to be a nickname for Nadine because of her love for spam and potatoes. Unfortunately that name was already taken!

Maling used to be Nadine's favourite brand of spam and in chinese, Maling-shu means potato. Shu also translates to "mouse" in chinese and hence Malingmouse was born.

Shu can also translate to "Tree". So all subscriptions are now sold at The MalingTree.

We have two different different subscriptions available:

1. MalingTreets

2. The Den

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As a play on the word "treat", husbando/waifu subs are now known as MalingTreets.

Subscribe to MalingTreets and receive one treat (husbando/waifu pin*) every month!

*Only for Gold/Alt tier. Cheese Jar tier gives access with no physical pin every month

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We ship almost worldwide except Russia and Ukraine

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