The MalingTree

The short version:

MalingTreets is a subscription! Get charged automatically once a month and receive one husbando/waifu pin.

3 Tiers are available:

  1. Gold
  2. Alt (any plating besides gold, lower LE)
  3. Cheese Jar ("Tip Jar" equivalent, you will receive no physical product, only access)

Please read MalingTreets section below for more info!

The long version:

Spamtato used to be a nickname for Nadine because of her love for spam and potatoes. Unfortunately that name was already taken!

Maling used to be Nadine's favourite brand of spam and in chinese, Maling-shu means potato. Shu also translates to "mouse" in chinese and hence Malingmouse was born.

Shu can also translate to "Tree". So mouse subs are now sold at The MalingTree. As a play on the word "treat", husbando/waifu subs are MalingTreets.

Subscribe to MalingTreets and receive one treat (husbando/waifu pin) every month!

Mouse Den is a loyalty programme. Cheese is earned by spending in Malingmouse main store. Once 1288 cheese has been accumulated, it can be exchanged for membership. Spots are open every 3 months!

Then... welcome to the burrow beneath the tree ;)


There will be 4 different tiers for you to choose from:

  1. Gold
  2. Alt
  3. Double
  4. Cheese Jar (Tip Jar)


  • 1 Gold plated A/B Husbando/Waifu Pin
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Access to exclusive IG
  • Access to wave 1* drops and presales


  • 1 Alt. Variant A/B Husbando/Waifu Pin (May be any plating except gold, but lower LE)
  • All the same benefits as Gold Tier


  • 1 Gold + 1 Alt A/B Husbando/Waifu Pin
  • All the same benefits as Gold Tier

*Drops for in hand LE pins/extras will be done in 2 waves.

Wave 1: Exclusively for Gold/Alt/Double Tier (pin tiers), 70% of stock will be released and subs given 24h to purchase

Wave 2: All tiers (Gold/Alt/Cheese Jar) will have access. 30% of stock + any leftover from wave 1 will be released.

Cheese Jar (Tip Jar)

  • No physical reward
  • Access to exclusive content and IG
  • Access to only wave 2 in hand LE drops/extras
  • Access to Open Presales

Please click here to view the cheese jar listing which has a table comparing the benefits between tiers.

The new subs will no longer have a pause function. If you do not wish to get the main pin of the month but still want access, you can opt to switch to the Cheese Jar tier. Please read the cheese jar listing for a better understanding of tier benefits. Please look at "How do I Change Tiers" for more info.

You can however cancel at anytime! Please click on this link for a tutorial on how to do so. You will lose access to exclusives once you have cancelled.

  • Asia, AUS, AZ: 8th of every month
  • USA, CA, EU: 7th of every month

If your country/region is not shown, please check your time zone. It charges on the 8th of every month at 00:00 (midnight) SGT.

If you fail a charge, it will automatically retry in 5 days. Please update your details in this time. It will retry up to 5 times. After 5 failed attempts, your sub/tier spot will be automatically cancelled and spot will be released. Resubscription is not guaranteed and is subject to availability of the spot.

Changing from Pin tier (Gold/Alt) to Cheese Jar

This change can be done at anytime! Please click on this link which will show you how to do so!

Changing from Cheese Jar to Pin Tier (Gold/Alt.)


Changing from One Pin Tier to Another (IE Gold to Alt or Alt to Gold)

Changing tiers is subject to the availability of spots. Spots will be calculated beforehand and released between 1st - 5th of every month. Changing Tiers will not be available at any other time. @malingtreets will update if there are spots to swap tiers. 

Please change your tier before 7/8th of every month. Once charges are processed, refunds will be less the processing fee.

Please click on this link which will show you how to do so!

1. Pending Orders: ANY order already charged and unfulfilled.

Please send me an email ( with your order number(s) and new address.

Updating it on the website WILL not update these orders.

2. Future Sub Charges/Exclusives

Please go to this link for instructions

Please take note you'll need to update your address in two places. One for your presales/in hand and one for your main sub charge

Please click on this link for a tutorial on how to update it.

Drops for in hand LE pins/extras will be done in 2 waves.

Wave 1: Exclusively for Gold and Alt Tier (pin tiers), 70% of stock will be released and subs given 24h to purchase

Wave 2: All tiers (Gold/Alt/Cheese Jar) will have access. 30% of stock + any leftover from wave 1 will be released.

Exclusives are only available under these conditions:

1. Have ALREADY paid for their subscription that month

This could be any of the 3 tiers.

If you have a failed payment attempt, it counts as NOT paying. You will only gain access once your payment has gone through.

2. Active subscriber

Please ensure that your subscription is ACTIVE (not cancelled). Only active customers can see exclusives.

Please refer to @malingtreets on IG for drop dates.

Reminder that cheese jar tier will only have access to wave 2 drops. If you're in this tier you will not be able to view wave 1 drops.

Unfortunately subs are now run as a separate thing from my main store. You will not earn cheese from dollar spent here.

However to offset this, we have discounted shipping prices for all orders in this store.

If you are in a pin tier (this does not apply to cheese tier), you will only pay shipping for your main pin. An automatic discount will be added to your order for in hand/presale items at checkout.

You're welcome to have drop buddies as long as they are an ACTIVE sub member.

Address changes can be done so the item is shipped to you on these conditions:

  1. Requests MUST be made within 24h of drop
  2. Total order including yours must NOT be over the limit.
  3. Shipping MUST be to the same country. If not the difference of shipping must be paid.

Eg if the limit is 1 and both you and your DB manage to check out. I will NOT ship both items to you as this will be considered over the limit and someone needs to be refunded.

Please request for cancellation of the order within 3 days of being charged. Once your order has shipped, it will not be eligible for a refund.

All refunds will be less the processing fees by your payment provider and shopify.

Cheese tier aka tip jar is a way for you to join husbando/Waifu subs without having to pay for the main design.

You will get:

  • Access to content
  • Access to open presales
  • Access to wave 2 drops (30% of inventory)

What is the money used for?

TLDR: The amount you pay is a portion of your shipping for buying any of the exclusives. If you do not buy any exclusives, then we thank you for the tip, it is not refundable.

Long explanation:

Shipping has been factored into the price of a pin tier. At check out, the amount of shipping paid is discounted. For example: instead of $12 to USA, only $5 will be paid. Domestic is “free”

This discounted shipping price of $5 applies to ALL orders including exclusive drops and open presales. It covers the costs of shipping materials and fees implemented by shopify.

When checking out for exclusives, pin tiers will see an automatic discount as their shipping was paid for during their main charge. Since cheese tier has no main pin to ship with, your cheese money will be used to cover shipping for purchasing any physical item.