First step: Login to your account

Please login to your account (Click login on top right of the page)

What can I do as a customer?

  1. Cancel 
  2. Update address/payment details
  3. Change Tiers

 *Pausing is no longer an option!

Cancelling your Sub

If your subscription is cancelled as shown on the above image, you will not have a next order date.

Once you've clicked on the sub you wish to update, you will see these options available. Click on the corresponding button depending on what you desire to do. PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT PAUSING FUNCTION HAS BEEN REMOVED. You may only cancel/switch tier.

Updating Address

If you're currently on "Cheese Jar" tier, as there is NO physical reward for this, you will NOT see the update address option. You will need to change your tier to GOLD or ALT. Once you've done so you will be able to update your address. 


Changing Tiers

This set of instructions only works if you checked out in SGD. Unfortunately the app is working on making it available in other currencies in a future patch. 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: please follow instructions to CANCEL your sub above. You will need to check out again with the new tier you've chosen after as though you are a new subscriber.


Please follow all steps above, after clicking on "Edit" you should see this page:

Please click on the edit icon which will result in this pop up:

Choose the tier you wish to change to and remember to agree/confirm the update. You should see the new tier on your account page as soon as it is done.

New tier changes will only apply starting the next month.