Cheese Jar (Tip Tier)


Cheese Jar: "Tip" Jar (Gain access but NO physical product)

Purchase through browser not IG if cart says error

Please read below for what this subscription entitles you to:

Conditions of this listing:

  1. You will not receive any physical product
  2. You will be charged on the 7th/8th of every month, if you miss this charge, you will have one chance as the app will retry the charge after 5 days. After this chance, if payment fails, you will lose access immediately. You may only rejoin the next month


Exclusive Drop Access:

You will be able to join the IG and view all content

In hand LE Drops are divided into 2 waves:

  1. Wave 1: ONLY FOR PIN TIERS (Gold/Alt), 70% of inventory
  2. Wave 2: FOR ALL 3 TIERS (Gold/Alt/Cheese), 30% of inventory


Wave 1 will happen BEFORE Wave 2. Any unsold inventory from wave 1 will be added to wave 2. Percentages of division of stock may change at any time.

Benefits Cheese Jar  Gold/Alt Pin Tier Double
Monthly Rewards NONE 1 Gold/Alt Husbando/Waifu 1 Gold AND 1 Alt Husbando/Waifu
Exclusive content/IG access (View) Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Drops Wave 2 only Wave 1 and 2 Wave 1 and 2

Exclusive Preorders

Yes Yes Yes

Tier will be based on the charge for that month.

The money you pay goes towards shipping any exclusives you purchase! If you choose not to buy anything, this tip is not refundable.